Some people have been directed to this space through friends and family who have shared my previously posted poem, “there is sun behind the clouds.”

Thank you for reading, feeling and sharing. I’m glad you are here.

In light of this, I would love to take a second to introduce myself and direct you to other corners of this vast internet space where I hang out.

My name is Catrina, I am a 29 year old Health Coach, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Communications Professional. I am the co-founder of the Connection Project BC, where myself and my business partner run…

the way the soul sings but leaves with a gasp

and what’s left in its wake when it happens so fast

heartache and fear rattles your eyes

moments connected, that you once cast aside

their face on loop in the screen of your mind

replaying their last words, you dig desperate to find

some clue of their struggle; a thread of their pain

a quote that gives way to the hurt in their brain

a life so bright it feels impossible to see

that the hurt was so bad that they wanted to leave

a light left behind by a…

I know that I am luckier than most, considering I have had the ability to move my business online this last year and that I live in a city that feels less restrictive because of its access to nature and outdoor spaces. But I would be lying if I said that I haven’t hit the proverbial wall.

I have more time than ever but am simultaneously producing less things of “value” than ever. I have little motivation to promote my business and services and although I am desperate to uplift and support, I find myself fluttering into my own self-doubt…

Catrina McCrae

Catrina is, among many things, a podcaster, coach, poet, writer and deep feeler.

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